Battery Backup – Smart Power

The Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Battery backup

Use Smart Power to ensure a dry basement during power outages.

Moving beyond our waterproofing service, we now offer our customers greater peace of mind from power outages and pump failures with battery backup.

  • Eversafe Emergency Pumping System
  • Lasts more than a week without power!
  • True backup to your existing pump in case your pump fails
  • Automatic switches to battery operation during power outages
  • Built in alarm system to protect your home

The Smart Power is a powerful battery backup system that works both as a primary or backup system that utilizes a 24 volt system (two 12v batteries).

Sporting cast iron and stainless steel construction, including a three year warranty., the unit pumps over 2500 gallons per hour and can last up to eight days without power. It also features a built-in alarm and can run on house current or battery power.

This battery backup is designed for people who want the added security of one of the most powerful backup systems available in the marketplace. If you are a homeowner with a finished space in your basement you have to have the best.