Ventilation System – E-Z Breathe

If You Could See The Air That You Breathe In Your Home, You’d Hold Your Breath.

Ventilation system

Install peace of mind with an E-Z – Breathe Ventilation System

That’s because inside, the air is filled with contaminants, such as mold, mildew and toxins that are caused by excess moisture and lack of proper ventilation.

“The American Lung Association and Environmental Protection Agency recognize that there are three major strategies for reducing indoor air pollution: Source Control, Ventilation and Air Cleaning.”

The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System Maintains Low Moisture, Increases Ventilation For Cleaner Indoor Air.

The E-Z Breathe ventilation system eliminates the problems associated with moist, stale indoor air by efficiently executing these critical functions:

  1.   6 to 10 air exchanges daily
  2.   Expels allergens and pollutants
  3.   Removes musty odors
  4.   Lowers humidity
  5.   Improves Air quality
  6.   Reduces radon
  7.   No maintenance
  8.   Quiet operation
  9.   Services up to 7,000 square feet
  10.   Exhausts airborne particles, dust
  11.   10 Year Warranty

Your whole house will benefit from the increased air exchanges, creating a cleaner, healthier living environment that your family will be able to see and feel.

What Experts Are Saying…
“The air inside our homes is three to five times mare polluted than outdoor air”
Environmental Protection Agency

“Most homes need ventilation from unhealthy indoor pollutants”
Home Ventilation Institute

“Case reports state that toxic molds inside homes can cause unique or rare health conditions, such as pulmonary hemorrhage or memory loss”
Environmental Protection Agency


Use whole house ventilation for supplying fresh air to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the home. – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


To Whom it May Concern,

The gentlemen who worked on our basement did an excellent job. James was able to answer our questions and concerns throughout the process, and he was very detailed in his explanation. The crew went above and beyond to ensure that the end result looked nice and was precise. We truly appreciate everyone’s hard work and efficiency in completing the work on time. Everyone was polite and courteous the entire time. The EZ breeze that was installed has made such a difference in the air quality as well.

We are looking forward to our “new” basement!

Sincerely, Melissa B.