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Multi Step System:

The Multi Step Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair System gets its popularity by not only solving the current basement waterproofing or foundation repair problem, but by preventing future ones, as well as improving the comfort and health of your home.

  •  Hand excavate an inspection trench.
  •  Excavate any cracks continuing below trench.
  •  Repair all foundation wall cracks on the outside.
  •  Apply fibrated mastic sealer to foundation walls.
  •  Apply heavy duty industrial plastic to walls.
  •  Install new subsoil drain tile packed in gravel.
  •  Back fill and re-grade soil.
  •  Seal basement windows if needed.
  •  Seal any outside cement if needed.
  •  Repair all wall cracks on the inside.
  •  Open an inspection trench inside with our patented dust suppression system.
  •  Inspect footers and reinforce if necessary.
  •  Install sub floor drainage system.
  •  Repair all basement floor cracking.
  •  Open hole in corner of basement floor.
  •  Install perforated plastic crock packed in gravel with “Safety Lid”.
  •  Install pressure relief pump system to effectively lower the water beneath the floor, and install ”Smart Power” to protect against power outage or pump failure.
  •  Replace concrete floor where serviced.
  •  Install E-Z Breathe Ventilation System.
  •  Clean up and haul away all debris.

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  • We are the Midwest’s largest basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor with over 100,000 installations to date
  • Serving Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana since 1985
  • We have a lifetime warranty, transferrable to any new owners of your home
  • Provides unbeatable value from the expertise gained from over 30 years of basement and foundation repair experience and waterproofing solutions

7 Steps to a Revitalized Basement:

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati prides itself on its fast and efficient Quality Care.
While each waterproofing and foundation repair required individual attention, our process remains the same:

  1. Your inspector starts with a detailed analysis of the premises. They will provide you with a complete explanation and photographs of problem areas, and give you options for a complete waterproofing and repair solution.
  2. The inspector meets with the Production Manager and Team Foreman to review specifics of the work involved. A detailed “Work Card” is drawn up based on your feedback. Each member of the Waterproofing Team reviews the photos and instructions of the work to be performed.
  3. The Waterproofing Team arrives on schedule. The Foreman reviews the specifics of all procedures with you. The crew begins work.
  4. Three to five days later (on average), your basement is left completely repaired and waterproofed, clean and ready to create your dream in a healthier living environment!
  5. The Job Foreman will walk you through a thorough check list to insure that the job meets your expectation.
  6. A final call from our Production Office insures complete customer satisfaction.
  7. You and your family enjoy a completed, repaired, and waterproofed solution that is protected by a lifetime warranty.