Everdry Waterproofing Celebrates 25th Anniversary as BBB® Accredited Business

West Chester, Ohio – Everdry Waterproofing was recognized for 25 years of BBB®

Accreditation. Charles Begley, general manager; Jim Gielty, owner; and James Begley, HR manager, accepted an award from BBB for their company’s commitment to the standards of Better Business Bureau Accreditation.

“It’s a pleasure to recognize Everdry Waterproofing for this incredible milestone,” said Jocile Ehrlich, president and CEO of BBB Cincinnati. “Everdry is a business that has truly enriched our community.”

The company opened its doors on February 1, 1985, and has since been providing solutions to basement waterproofing problems for residents of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Southeast Indiana. With a so many long-term employees and continuous growth over so many years, it is apparent they go above and beyond to ensure their employees feel valued and respected. “We have a good work environment here. It truly is a team,” said Charles Begley. “Everybody is on the same page and has the same goals. You have to be a team player, and if you’re not, it’s not going to work.” He added that their biggest challenge is staying on top of everything. “We surround ourselves with great people, which makes it pretty easy.”

Congratulations to Everdry Waterproofing! Learn more about this company by visiting everdrycincy.com.

(Pictured below from left to right: Charles Begley, Jocile Ehrlich, James Gielty, James Begley)

EverDry Waterproofing Named a “Top Workplace”

Local basement waterproofing company recognized for exceptional work atmosphere

Cincinnati Top Work Place

EverDry Waterproofing has been named a “Top Workplace” by Cincinnati.com.

The Top Workplaces program recognizes local companies with outstanding workplaces. Companies included in the program receive recognition in a special edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer, an online profile at topworkplaces.com, and the ability to use the Top Workplaces logo on company websites and materials.

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati is the area’s leading and largest basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor and has served Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana since 1985.

The company has set itself apart from others with its strong dedication to clients, including a lifetime warranty on services that can even be transferred to future owners.

The team at EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati is excited to now be recognized as an area-leading workplace.

When asked what sets their company apart, one EverDry Waterproofing employee said, “The appreciation the owner and management show for employees.”

An employee commented, “It gives me the ability to earn the income I desire. It is challenging but rewarding.”

Another employee stated “I feel as if my work is important and my supervisors take me seriously.”

“You will be working with good people,” said another employee when asked about the atmosphere at EverDry Waterproofing.

The team at EverDry Waterproofing is dedicated to its clients as well as to its employees and is excited to be included in the Top Workplaces program. More information about the company, its services, and history can be found at http://everdrycincy.com/.

About EverDry Waterproofing

EverDry Waterproofing is the premier basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor serving Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana since 1985. The company’s staff is dedicated to delivering friendly, professional services each and every time backed by unparalleled value.

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati Receives Franchise of the Year Award

World-class basement waterproofing and foundation repair company has won award for 8 out of 9 years

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) March 06, 2017


Team Cincy

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati is excited to announce that they have received the Franchise of the Year Award. This year marks the eighth Franchise of the Year Award won by the company in the past nine years.

The team at EverDry of Cincinnati, a.k.a. “Team Cincy”, is committed to working together to create exceptional customer experiences. Since 1985, the company has installed more than 100,000 basement waterproofing and foundation repairs in the Midwest. EverDry Waterproofing makes it possible for customers to pass along their lifetime warranty to any new owners, thereby offering even more value to their customers.

When EverDry Waterproofing launched in Cincinnati, the company had 12 employees. Now, the
company has more than 100. The award-winning company has been contracted for work at the US Naval Weapons Station, NASA Lewis Research Center, schools, and churches.

Over the years, the company has experienced massive growth hinging upon a strong culture based on ethics, professionalism, teamwork, and customer care.

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati has received the Franchise of the Year Award thirteen times since 1994 and has continued to be one of the industry’s top producers. The EverDry of Cincinnati Waterproofing team attributes their continued success to the hiring of professional, highly qualified employees and the ability of staff members to work together to support each other and the customers. From their A+ BBB rating to being a part of the Leadership Circle, the BBB’s Center for Ethics, EverDry Waterproofing continues to forge ahead as a leader in sales and industry standards.

Everdry Waterproofing of Cincinnati is thrilled to receive the Franchise of the Year Award once again, a benchmark of the company’s dedication to service and care. Further details can be found at http://everdrycincy.com.

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Attic and Crawl Space Mold

No matter how hard we try there seems to be mold present in our homes at some time. Com-batting this attic and crawl space mold is an important part of controlling the air quality in our homes.

Quality air quality is important for a healthy home. Knowing what type of mold will also make it easy to control the mold. Most of the mold development in our homes is due to the extra moisture level. The attics and crawl spaces are two very common places that we can find mold development.

Knowing what causes the extra moisture that leads to mold development is a great way to combat the mold development.

 Mold in Attic

Mold develops in our attics because of the extra moisture that is introduced into our attics. If the attic is not properly vented the extra moisture will be trapped inside the attic and this is when the mold will develop. If you have a leak in the roof this is one of the reasons moisture enters the attic. If a leak is present it is very important to locate the leak and have it repaired.

Another way moisture will enter the attic is through any leaks you may have in your duct work. This can also be easily repaired by using duct tape or mastic over the leak. In some cases the HVL that exhaust the bathroom of your home will be vented into the attic and not all the way through the roof as it should be. This will dump all the extra moisture from the bathroom into the attic. Regardless of how the moisture enters the attic if the attic is not properly vented you will have a mold problem in your attic.

Mold in Crawl Space

A crawl space is the space between the floor and the ground of your home. The mold that develops in this area is also the cause of extra moisture that is present. There are several ways this extra moisture is introduced to this area as well.

The main reason moisture enters this area is the drainage from the surrounding area running into the crawl space.

Other reasons such as leaking water and drainage pipes can also allow extra moisture to move in the area. The crawl space will also need to be properly vented to remove the extra moisture from the area. This is especially important in this area because of the way the moisture is pulled up from the crawl space through the floors of our homes. When this moisture is pulled up through the floors of our home there will be mold development on the bottom locations of all the floors throughout the home. If mold is present when the air moves from the crawl space into our homes this mold is also moved into the home from circulating air.

As we can see if there is extra moisture present in the attic or the crawl space there will be mold. The only way to reduce the mold is to reduce the moisture.

Roof Replacement: Is It Time?

We know everything has a lifespan. Even the roofs of our home will eventually need to be replaced. There are two types of roofs that are commonly used for residential roofing applications. Metal sheeting, fiberglass and asphalt shingle are the most commonly used materials. Depending on the type of material used for roofing will determine the life span of your roof. Metal sheeting usually is covered with a warranty of up to 50 years in some cases. Fiberglass and asphalt and fiberglass shingle usually come with a warranty of 15 to 20 years and in some of the more expensive shingle you can get a warranty of 25 years. Roofing replacement can be an expensive step so knowing if the roof needs to be replaced or repaired is an important decision. We will look at some of the things that can determine between roof replacement or repair.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is much different from shingle roofing. Metal roofing will last much longer than shingles and in most cases may be the only roof you will need. Metal roofing sheets can also be replaced a sheet at the time. If you were to happen to receive storm damage on one sheet it is easier to replace the one sheet of roofing metal. If you have any cutouts such as roof vents or sky lights this will where some of the metal could begin rusting and will need to be replaced. The fasteners that attach the metal roof after 15 or 20 years will need to be replaced because the neoprene plastic located under the washer of the fastener will dry out and crack causing the fastener to leak.

Asphalt or Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt and fiberglass shingles will need to be replaced after 15to twenty years of usage. Shingles are designed and constructed to bond together after installation. The heat the shingles are exposed to will cause the shingles to melt and bond together. If at any time the shingles are exposed to high winds you will see parts of the shingles known as tabs that will be torn apart from this special bond. When these tabs are broken they will need to be replaced.

A layer of gravel is constructed on top of the shingle to give it protection. You will see dark spots develop on the shingles where the gravel is worn off. At times you will see the gravel on the ground beside the roof line of a building. If you see a lot of gravel that has been washed away it is time to replace a shingle roof. If gutters are installed on a home you can look at the gutters and downspouts to see if there is gravel found that has washed into the gutters. If you see a lot of gravel in these spots your shingles are losing gravel. Another sign of worn shingles is when you will see the tabs of the shingles rolling or bubbling up.

If at any time you are in need of roofing repair contact your local roofing contractor to see if a complete replacement in necessary. He may be able to repair the roof saving you money.

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati Wins Franchise of the Year Award Yet Again

How does EverDry Of Cincinnati continue to break franchise records year after year?

EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati

A standout in their industry in 2015, EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati has again been awarded the Franchise of the Year Award. No stranger to the accolade, the basement waterproofing and foundation repair company has been this route before. Since 1994 the company has received the award on twelve occasions, winning seven out of the last eight years.

Certified by the Basement Health Association, and a member of several other associations such as that of the Remodeling Industry, Home Builders and the Building industries and the Better Business Bureaus of Cincinnati and Miami Valley. National Building Officials and Code Administrators Standards and Regulations approved for a permanent solution for aftermarket constructed homes, EverDry of Cincinnati has also done extensive work for schools and churches as well as nationally important buildings such as the NASA Lewis Research Centre and the US Naval Weapons Station.

The three things that really sets their waterproofing method aside is its patented solution (patent US 6904723 B1), quality of work, and their life time warranty. Add to this their great team spirit and team work, and it is no surprise that EverDry of Cincinnati is doing really well in the present environment. Their strong work base has earned them several credentials and referrals and approvals for work by the Department of Housing Authority and a number of city and state government agencies. Today EverDry of Cincinnati is truly the absolute first choice in basement waterproofing and foundation repair with glowing testimonials from satisfied customers.

Since 1985, when EverDry Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Cincinnati began as its first franchise, the focus has been on strong leadership from the owner Jim Gielty and great team work. A company which began with 12 employees is now at more than 100 and steadily growing. What sets this team apart is its stellar quality in terms of both workmanship and the work ethic of its personnel.

One example of how its amazing team of personnel and their team work is the driver behind the company is its General Manager, Charles Begley. Charles was promoted to General Manager in 2005. What make his promotion really special is that he was previously the Production Manager for Cincinnati dating back to 1985! Thus not only does EverDry deliver great solutions, it acquires quality personnel.

Today EverDry is the Midwest’s largest basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor, having over 100,000 installations to date. Since 1985, EverDry of Cincinnati has been serving Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana. Some of its business practices that has really left a mark is their lifetime warranty which is even transferable to any new owners of your home and the incomparable value from the expertise gained from over 30 years of basement and foundation repair experience and waterproofing solutions.

Now you know why “Team Cincy” continues to break franchise records.

The right people, the right product, and the right process.

Potential Health Hazards of Shoveling Snow

Of winter’s many wonders, one of the activities that many people may not look forward to is shoveling snow from their driveway, patio, porch, and sidewalks. Shoveling snow is an important task for a number of reasons starting with gaining access to your vehicle, creating a safe path for you and your family to walk, and restoring the use of outdoor sites around your home.

While the need for shoveling snow is apparent, there are also potential health dangers that come from this type of exertion in cold temperatures that you may not be fully aware. While protecting yourself from the cold is important there are other factors that play a role as well in making this a potentially dangerous activity.


To breathe in cold air while exerting yourself shoveling snow over a long period of time works against the health of your body. In addition, the wet snow will get into your shoes and socks unless you are wearing galoshes or waterproof footwear which can cause irritation and even frostbite if exposed for too long.


One the biggest dangers is slipping on the snow, slush, or ice which can cause considerable injury. While most people may simply bruise the area of impact, there are many people who break bones or experience other types of serious injury because of a fall. This usually happens when you overextend and lose your footing. It is best to shovel in short strokes and keep your feet underneath you to minimize the chances of slipping.


It can be easy to over-exert yourself which results in sore muscles, stretched tendons and ligaments, and other injuries that will take some time to recover. While overexertion itself is usually not cause for much alarm as the resulting soreness will fade in a couple of days, it may mask a more serious condition that might have developed when shoveling snow that takes longer to diagnose.

Heart Issues

For seniors and those who have suffered from heart conditions, shoveling snow is generally not an activity that you should be doing unless you talk to your physician first. This is because the strain on the heart is considerably more when using your muscles in the cold. It can be worse for those who are not in good physical condition as the stress from shoveling in the snow may not be fully apparent because of the cold which may lead to a heart attack.

How to Shovel Snow Properly

If you have to shovel snow yourself and you have a large driveway or extensive area to clear off, it’s generally best to invest in snow thrower which will clean the snow away in a fraction of the time with fairly little exertion.

If the property you own is too small to justify purchasing a snow thrower, then it is best if you do the job in manageable sections such as staying out for no more than ten to fifteen minutes before taking a break inside.

By keeping snow shoveling in its proper perspective starting with dressing appropriately, wearing waterproof footwear, using the right type of snow shovel, and taking breaks every ten to fifteen minutes or when you feel a bit tired you may avoid many of the inherent dangers of snow shoveling.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Waterproofing your basement is usually not a top priority for many homeowners. However, if your basement is leaky or has a musty smell, looking at the cost of repairing damage caused by water, it suddenly sounds like a project that should be top of your to-do list.

However, this is not the only incentive to get you to waterproof your basement. Below are 4 more reasons why you should do this.

1. It will increase the value of your home: No one plans on buying a house that is damaged by water. Ensuring your basement is waterproof means that you can sell it for more when the time comes.

2. More living space: Waterproofing your basement means that you can convert it into additional living space. Less congestion in your home. You have to love that.

3. Reducing health risks: Fungus and mold like moist places. It is also known that they are the cause of many respiratory illnesses and infections. Having a waterproofed basement eliminates chances of them being health hazards.

4. Prevent damage to stored items: Many people use basements as storage spaces. A leaking basement wall could, therefore, cause a lot of damage to your prized property and possibly, family heirlooms. Having it waterproofed avoids this, and gives you peace of mind.

We are hoping that you now see the reasons why waterproofing your basement should be a high priority as a home owner. We offer these services to residents of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana.

We are a professional company and ensure we deliver top quality services and don’t forget we have a lifetime warranty on all our work. So, make a point of contacting us via the contact form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible for a free estimate.

The Importance of Cleaning Gutters each Year

Gutters are a very important addition to any building. There are several important reasons why gutters are installed on the ends of the roofs of these buildings. The main purpose of the gutter is to gather the water that in running off of the roof and redirect them down the downspouts to the direction we prefer the water to travel. Gutters are available in several different material types and can be custom made to fit any home or building. No matter what type of materials your gutters are made of if they are not cleaned properly the entire system will not do as it is designed. We will look at why it important to make the chore of cleaning gutters a regular part of your yearly maintenance.

Most gutter cleaning projects are done after the fall leaves have fallen and just before we begin to enter the winter snow and rain season. This is an important time because this is when the gutters will fill with the leaves that have fallen. The leaves will need to be removed not only from the gutters themselves but there will be a few stray leaves and debris that will make their way into the downspouts. The downspouts of gutters work in much the same way a drains work in out tubs and sink. The downspouts are located most of the times at the corners of the buildings allowing the water to drain into the areas you have directed the downspouts.

One very important reasons the gutters will need to be cleaned before the winter rains and snow is to keep the water from the rain from filling the gutters. If the water is trapped in the gutters when the temperature gets below freezing the water trapped in the gutters will freeze. If the trapped water freezes it becomes a heavy burden on the gutters. This extra weigh will cause the gutters to collapse and damage the gutters as well as the fascia of the building. Ice weighs more than snow. So it is important to keep the water from being trapped in the gutters and becoming frozen.

Gutters are also a great source of protection against soil erosion. The water coming of the end of a roof can be very heavy. If you were to walk around a building that does not have gutters you will notice an extremely evident line in the soil at the end of the roof line. Without gutters this line will continually become deeper and more evident. This problem can lead to a the water collecting around you basement walls and possibly leak into your basement. Another thing to notice is the side of the building at the foot of the walls. If no gutters are present you will notice a definite staining on the walls. This staining is from the mud and clay that the runoff from the roofs will splash onto the building. Gutters will prevent the stains and soil erosion from causing problems around the building.

These are the most important reasons why you will need to clean your gutters at least every year. This is a simple DIY project but there are contractors that only install and maintain gutters. Check with your local gutter contractor.