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Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Backed by 30 years of experience

Since 1985 EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati has been providing solutions to the basement waterproofing problems for residents of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeast Indiana. Although the company began as a small local shop, with only 12 employees, today with over 100 employees, and having won Franchise of the Year on eleven occasions, EverDry of Cincinnati is the best company for the different problems and waterproofing needs you may have.

Why Choose EverDry –

In addition to basement waterproofing services, the company also provides foundation repair and crawl space waterproofing services. Additionally, we are members of the National Association of Waterproofing Contractors. We are also a members of the Cincinnati BBB and Dayton BBB. Our company has provided a wide range of services, in a number of venues. From a small home, to local churches, the US Naval Weapons Station, and other major businesses. EverDry has the solution for all your basement waterproofing needs.

Why water damage is a major problem in the home –

Although you may only see a small pool of water, and don’t feel it is a major issue, the problem with water damage is that it occurs over a series of stages. Regardless of which phase the damage is spotted at, EverDry can provide a solution to any problem.

Damage can occur at:

  1. Stage 1: Where various signs of cracking may be noticed, over different areas of your basement walls.

  2. Stage 2: Where water has worked its way past the outer layers of the foundation and made its way to the brick and mortar of the home.

  3. Stage 3: Where you see the cracks and water; bugs, rodents, and other small critters may even begin to appear. Your basement may also feel damp, and puddles may begin forming on the floors.

  4. Stage 4: This final stage is where cracks are far more visible, and water begins pooling up in larger quantities.

No matter how bad the damage has gotten, EverDry has a solution for the problem, and can provide a number of basement waterproofing solutions for your home.

What is the solution? –

Since damage varies from home to home (customer to customer), the solution to the problem will also vary. This is where hiring the best professionals comes in to play. With EverDry of Cincinnati, the basement waterproofing solution provided is a multi-step one. What this does is it fixes the current problem, and prevents future problems from arising. The twenty step process begins with excavating the trench, and ends with the clean up of all debris from the work site.

Because water damage ruins your home’s foundation, it is the worst form of damage your home will experience. If you notice the damage at an early stage, or when it has greatly damaged the foundation, cement, and floor, EverDry of Cincinnati can step in and provide all necessary repairs, and preventive services. Whether you want to learn more about the waterproofing methods, or to have one of our knowledgeable Representatives visit your home, EverDry of Cincinnati is the company to contact for professional services, the best and most reputable basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor in the business.


I am writing to let you know I am very pleased with work done by your EverDry crew. The foreman explained everything to me thoroughly and answered all my questions. The crew was so nice removing and replanting my flowers and scrubs. They arrived on time and worked swiftly and competently. My husband and i will very impressed with the job of your crew. I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks so much, David S.

We had our basement waterproofed by EverDry in the fall of 2015. The crew was extremely professional, polite, and efficient. The crew foreman kept me informed as to what exactly they were doing and when the job was to be finished. We are extremely pleased with the service and would recommend EverDry to anyone.

Sincerely, Steve and Theresa K.

To whom it may concern,

Your crew arrived in a timely manner to perform the installation of the EverDry basement waterproofing system. They worked tirelessly for the three day period, they were all congenial and kept me informed. A very good crew and EverDry should be happy to have them. I am very satisfied with their performance.

Betty H.

To Whom It May concern,

This letter is sent to express our appreciation for the excellent work done by your company Everdry. Our waterproofing job was completed during the week of January 13th. John and his crew were always on time and extremely considerate of our home. We thought the entire crew was working at a high energy level. Our furniture was protected with plastic and dust was kept at a minimum.

John was thorough in his explanation of the entire process. Both my wife and I were shown how the construction process was to be completed. I believe the waterproofing will eliminate the fear of water getting into our basement. We leave our home for three months during the winter and it is reassuring to know we do not have to worry about the condition of our basement.

We would recommend your company to anyone in need of waterproofing services. Our sales person, Albert, did a good job in explaining the total process. The visuals he used were very effective in telling the story.

The investment in our home is worth the time and inconvenience. Your company was very professional in presenting and in following through with the completed job. Thank you for your efficiency. Special thanks go to John and his crew for the effort they put forth in meeting our needs.

Sincerely, Paul D.