Written Testimonials –

EverDry waterproofed my basement in November 2015. They were recommended to me by a close friend and I can only pay forward the favor.

The crew that worked on my house was extremely professional and courteous. They are very competent and informed me every day in the process made and what to expect the next day.

I was impressed on how detailed they completed the work and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with the end result.

Overall it was a great experience despite the dust and noise that comes along with a home improvement like that.

I appreciate all the work, as well as the clean up at the end and the final outcome of the project and can only recommend EverDry and their employees.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Sincerely, M.B.

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I just purchased our home 2 years ago in May and after living there for 18 months we started seeing water on the floor where the walls meet the foundation and eventually started seeing cracks in the floor and water seeping thur the cracks.

we were so frustrated and knew we had to do something. We could not keep investing money into our home when our foundation was being destroyed a little at a time when ever there was a heavy rain. This is when we saw an EverDry commercial on TV and decided to call, and we must say that call was the most important call we ever made.

The work began on 3/28/11 and was completed on 4/1/11. We were truly impressed by Shawn’s crew and their work ethics. This group of guys was a team and they showed up on time and did not waste any time getting started each morning and every day was the same for the duration of the job. we must tell you in America today you do not see hard labor like these guys do with s much pride. These guys represent what EverDry is all about! I must say this crew went above and beyond their job duties to satisfy the customer.

EverDry takes pride in customer satisfaction and guarantees the work for the life of the home. This within it’s self gives me peace of mind not having to worry about a water problem again!

We must say that we highly recommend EverDry to anyone who has ever had a water problem with their basement and who wants the most for their money.

Mr. & Mrs. P


I just wanted to take a minute to thank the work crew. Right as the crew began work it started to pour rain. I had taken the day off work and thought I may have wasted a day off. The crew, however, soldiered on in the rain, which didn’t stop all day.

Our basement was already finished, so I was concerned about how they would get under and around the walls. The crew was able to get the work done without taking out any walls or drywall, much to my relief.

The crew has been meticulous in both protecting our furniture and household items during construction as well as, cleaning up afterward.

Thanks guys for your hard work. It’s much appreciated.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are for your help with our water problem. Your Crew, with Ted the foreman were here as scheduled and the work was exceptional. All the young men were very courteous, knowledgeable and hard working. The job was completed on schedule and according to the specification.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing your service. Thank you again for your help.

Sincerely, T.D.

I had the EverDry company waterproof my basement. They did a great job, were friendly and courteous, and delivered as promised. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs this service.


To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this note as a strong letter of recommendation for EverDry and the crew that has done the work on my Mother’s house.

Jeff and Steve have been terrific to work with.

They have been on time (8am) each day, ready to go and professional from the get-go. They have explained every step of the way, both before starting the day’s work, then after they were finished for the day.

They gave me an on going heads up on what to expect (such as load noises from basement as they using the compressor).

They have shown great respect for us and my long-time family home. I would strongly recommend this company and these people should the occasion arise.

Of course, the proof of the work itself will come in the days, months, and years ahead. Right now I can say that from the original sale rep, to Jeff and Steve and their crew, the experience at this point has been A-1.

Sincerely, T.S.

The crew that worked on my basement was on time, if not early. They did not take extended lunch hours and were very professional, answering any and all questions I asked.


EverDry came out to my home to install their sump pump system. When they arrived the foreman explained everything they were going to do in my home. His crew was very professional and friendly. I was surprised that they went straight to work during the meeting with the foreman. I would recommend EverDry to anyone needing waterproofing for their home. They are easy to get along with, answered all my questions starting with the salesman, foreman, and down to the workers.


To whom it may concern,

The guys were friendly and courteous. Thanks for being fast and awesome.


The EverDry team has been outstanding, from the sales team to the job coordinator, Charles. They explained each step and answered any questions that we had.


The EverDry crew was hard working and conscientious. All my questions were answered thoroughly.  I was given multiple opportunities to provide feedback.


EverDry Management,

I want to thank you for all the help with my crawl space problems. Charles and his crew were great. They arrived on time and kept me informed of the daily progress. He explained everything completely and went above expectations. We are extremely happy with the service and work done at our home. Again, thanks for everything. JOB WELL DONE!


To whom it may concern,

The EverDry crew was great, quick, efficient, and polite service. Thanks to all!



To whom it may concern,

EverDry was at my house for one week. Everything went well. The crew was very hard working and did a great job.

Thank you, K. P.

Everyone on this project put in a good days work and left the house in good order after completion on the job. The foreman did a very thorough explanation  of the system and managed the job in a very professionals manner, courteous at all times.

G. G.

Dear Mr. Begley,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with your with our water problem. Your crew, with Ted the foreman were here as scheduled and the work was exceptional. all the young men were very courteous, knowledgeable and hard working. The job was completed on schedule and according to specifications.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing your services. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely, T.D.

We chose EverDry to waterproof our investment property. Their reputation for good quality and their lifetime warranty made our decision to go with EverDry a lot easier. Leon and his crew arrived on time and began work immediately. He took time to explain what his crew was going to do. He included me in all the decision making, such as where to locate the pump, etc. The workers responded well to his directions and each phase of the job went very smoothly.

I would recommend EverDry for anyone’s waterproofing needs. I will certainly call EverDry to work on our next property.

Sincerely, S.F.

The EverDry crew of Dustin, Rick, Jake, Steve, And Scott did a great job of maintaining the mess it takes to get the job done. They all worked hard and together to carry dig, etc. to get the work completed in the time they had. Dustin always explained and informed us of what they were doing, how it worked and what they would be doing next. He kept the team on task very well.

Thank you all for a dry basement and good work.


All the guys did a great job and always kept me informed. It was a pleasure to have them here


To whom it may concern,

This letter is to state that the work crew from EverDry was courteous and friendly. The job was done in the proposed amount of time. It pleased me that when it looked like the work was going to take longer that expected, the company brought in extra crew to complete the job on time. The crew cleaned up the work site very well and it appears to be a job well done!

Thank you, K. L.

To whom it may concern,

Buddy and John’s crew arrived at my home on time. They worked extremely hard to complete the job well and on time. Buddy took the time to answer my daughter’s questions and to explain how the sump pump (and its backup system) worked. Buddy and all of the men on his team were very courteous.

T. B.

I am thoroughly pleased and impressed with the professionalism of Shawn and his crew during the waterproofing process.I do a fair amount of construction litigation, and routinely work with a wide variety of contractors and subs. I am therefore well qualified to tell you that their performance was exemplary.

C. H.

To whom it may concern;

Chris and his crew of workers were extremely friendly , hard working and did a great job. They completed the job on task and in a reasonable time. We were impressed with their workmanship and cleanup after the job was completed.

M. S.

Dear EverDry,

I have been a fan of your company ever since i started doing research on how to waterproof my basement back in 2005. You completed the work on schedule and your workers were professional and friendly. They left the basement cleaner than before they started. I congratulate you on coming up with a system that is going to keep my basement dry and mold free. I don’t know of a company out there that does a better job of basement waterproofing. And a lifetime warranty gives me total peace of mind.

Thanks! J. L.

John and his crew were awesome! They arrived on time every day and finished the project sooner that expected. He explained everything quite well and was very polite. We were extremely pleased with the work and would recommend EverDry to other homeowners.

Thanks so much, V.M.
To whom it may concern,

I would say I was a little skeptical initially about the expense and process of the EverDry Waterproofing system. But I had mold in my basement and I had no idea how it was coming in and it needed to be fixed. I have never been able to carpet the basement; I have always had water collect in the basement after any amount of rainfall. After mentioning the company to a few of my friends, they had heardEverDry was reputable and some had even had this done and showed me their basement.

I was not concerned about the floor or the walls being dug up and ripped out, I moved everything that I thought was valuable to me out of the basement. I was expecting a messy job. I was impressed that the workers wrapped everything that I had in storage and not a thing was damaged. The workers laid cardboard and plastic on the stairs and floor. They finished on Thursday and spent half the day Friday cleaning up.

When they started digging the trench outside the house, they wrapped the bushes. None of my landscaping was damaged. They dug out the vines around the house, which they told me they needed to do, so that was an extra bonus for me. They also connected all my downspouts to one drain and moved it to the low part of the yard. I was very impressed that they asked and informed me of all the destruction that they needed to do before they actually did it.

I had to work all week, so I trusted the workers to be at my house alone. Every morning i was informed of their progress and received an explanation as to what they were doing. It was very informative and Neshawn explained it in a way it made a lot of sense.

I am 99% sure I will not have any more water issues in my basement and they will not have to come back. It is guarantee for the life of the house. I never thought I would ever be able to carpet my basement. I would recommend EverDry to all my friends and family, you just have to know going in to it that they will need to do a lot of digging.

Sincerely, S. T.

Shawn, You and your crew did an outstanding job! My wife and i appreciate the care with which you took care of our home while you were working. Great cleanup job. We’re now looking forward to a dry basement

C. H.

we had a very good experience with your EverDry employees. The young man in charge kept everyone busy doing their work. He explained everything and asked if I had any questions. They arrived on time and informed us when they went to lunch. The job itself looks great and the clean up was also great. We would recommend your company to anyone.

D. K.

To whom it May Concern,

Over the last three days the Everdry crew led by Dan and Chris were in our home repairing our drainage system. They were prompt each day and informative when they arrived and explained all that would be done. They did their best to contain the dust and did great job of cleaning up. Dan and the crew were very receptive to extra requests we had and left our home clean. The final review went well and we would recommend your company to any of our neighbors if the need arises. We would also tell them to request the same crew we had since they did such an acceptable job.

Sincerely, J. & D. W.

After suffering with a leaky basement which was getting worse as the years progress, we finally called Everdry Waterproofing. The crew was on time and worked diligently throughout the project. Every part of the project was explained in detail with daily updates on the progress.

W. H.

Chris and Dan were friendly and answered all my questions. They cleaned up to my satisfaction. The work was done well.

A. U.

The Everdry team was great! They showed up promptly everyday and were very professional. We are very happy with our decision to work with Everdry and will recommend them to others.

B. S.

Crew did an excellent job. Left my driveway and basement cleaner than when they arrived.

R. B.

Charles and his crew did a great job of communication during all phases of the job. They are a hard working conscientious crew.

J. K.

The Everdry crew did a great job, I am very satisfied with their work. They finished on time and all stages of the work looked great. The entire crew was hard working and respectful of my home.

A. B.

Thank you for sending such a nice crew of guys to undertake the work on my house’s basement. They were very punctual every day the came out, and the one day they were 10 minutes late they immediately apologized before going to work.

They were very professional about the job and I got no complaints from the neighbors. I I was slightly surprises at first because they seemed so young, but they handled themselves maturely and i was put at ease.

All my questions and concerns were answered without making me feel stupid or belittled, or as though I was wasting precious time. My house is wonderful, my family is impressed, and i am grateful.

Sincerely, K. C.