Attic and Crawl Space Mold

No matter how hard we try there seems to be mold present in our homes at some time. Com-batting this attic and crawl space mold is an important part of controlling the air quality in our homes.

Quality air quality is important for a healthy home. Knowing what type of mold will also make it easy to control the mold. Most of the mold development in our homes is due to the extra moisture level. The attics and crawl spaces are two very common places that we can find mold development.

Knowing what causes the extra moisture that leads to mold development is a great way to combat the mold development.

 Mold in Attic

Mold develops in our attics because of the extra moisture that is introduced into our attics. If the attic is not properly vented the extra moisture will be trapped inside the attic and this is when the mold will develop. If you have a leak in the roof this is one of the reasons moisture enters the attic. If a leak is present it is very important to locate the leak and have it repaired.

Another way moisture will enter the attic is through any leaks you may have in your duct work. This can also be easily repaired by using duct tape or mastic over the leak. In some cases the HVL that exhaust the bathroom of your home will be vented into the attic and not all the way through the roof as it should be. This will dump all the extra moisture from the bathroom into the attic. Regardless of how the moisture enters the attic if the attic is not properly vented you will have a mold problem in your attic.

Mold in Crawl Space

A crawl space is the space between the floor and the ground of your home. The mold that develops in this area is also the cause of extra moisture that is present. There are several ways this extra moisture is introduced to this area as well.

The main reason moisture enters this area is the drainage from the surrounding area running into the crawl space.

Other reasons such as leaking water and drainage pipes can also allow extra moisture to move in the area. The crawl space will also need to be properly vented to remove the extra moisture from the area. This is especially important in this area because of the way the moisture is pulled up from the crawl space through the floors of our homes. When this moisture is pulled up through the floors of our home there will be mold development on the bottom locations of all the floors throughout the home. If mold is present when the air moves from the crawl space into our homes this mold is also moved into the home from circulating air.

As we can see if there is extra moisture present in the attic or the crawl space there will be mold. The only way to reduce the mold is to reduce the moisture.