Basement Waterproofing will Increase Value of Your Home

Although there are many improvements you can make to your home, finding the ones that raise the sales value are somewhat limited. The additions, improvements, or renovations that add to the sales value of your residence focus on making the home more durable and resistant to aging and the elements. This is where basement waterproofing can be of real benefit. 

What is Basement Waterproofing?

While your basement may be partially, mostly, or completely underground, it is still subject to the elements. This generally means flooding from torrential rains or the rising of the water table from below the home. Waterproofing your basement means that the floor and walls are sealed, so that water does not seep up from the ground and can be removed if it comes down from the sky in the form of rain. 

The sealing process ensures that the floor and walls remain dry and protected. Because concrete is the most common material used for the basement walls and flooring, sealing the surface so that water cannot penetrate extends the life of the materials. That is just one benefit that waterproofing your basement provides.  


Increases Market Value: Basement waterproofing is one of the few universal home improvements that increases the sale value of your home. This is because most renovations or additions such as a deck, pool, or extra room are not universally appreciated. In other words, you may like the deck, but the buyer may not care for it. 

However, additions that improve the protection you provide for the home, such as a metal roof or basement waterproofing are universal in their sale appeal. And that in turn boosts the sale’s price. 

Reduce Moisture: While flooding is the main concern, another issue that often gets overlooked is the build up of humidity or moisture from the basement. The condensation that comes from higher humidity levels can corrode the floor, walls, and any items inside vulnerable to the moisture. By lowering the humidity levels, it protects the basement and its contents. 

Lowers Mold and Mildew: Both mold and mildew thrive in high humidity areas. The moisture provides the fuel for these organisms to grow and consume the organic material that they touch. Plus, if left unchecked, mold can create spores which flood into the air, spread throughout the home, and even affect the health of those living inside. 

By reducing the humidity and sealing up the floors and walls of the basement, it hinders the growth and spread of mold in your home. 

Protection: Flooding in the basement is something that few people think about until it happens. By putting in the protection first in the form of waterproofing, you protect the floor and walls from the water. This also protects the items that you store in the basement. By adding the much-needed protection of waterproofing, you are also protecting what is inside the basement. 

EverDry’s patented basement waterproofing is one of the few additions that can increase the sale value of your home. It can also preserve your house for considerably longer which makes it the perfect home improvement.