The Importance of Cleaning Gutters each Year

Gutters are a very important addition to any building. There are several important reasons why gutters are installed on the ends of the roofs of these buildings. The main purpose of the gutter is to gather the water that in running off of the roof and redirect them down the downspouts to the direction we prefer the water to travel. Gutters are available in several different material types and can be custom made to fit any home or building. No matter what type of materials your gutters are made of if they are not cleaned properly the entire system will not do as it is designed. We will look at why it important to make the chore of cleaning gutters a regular part of your yearly maintenance.

Most gutter cleaning projects are done after the fall leaves have fallen and just before we begin to enter the winter snow and rain season. This is an important time because this is when the gutters will fill with the leaves that have fallen. The leaves will need to be removed not only from the gutters themselves but there will be a few stray leaves and debris that will make their way into the downspouts. The downspouts of gutters work in much the same way a drains work in out tubs and sink. The downspouts are located most of the times at the corners of the buildings allowing the water to drain into the areas you have directed the downspouts.

One very important reasons the gutters will need to be cleaned before the winter rains and snow is to keep the water from the rain from filling the gutters. If the water is trapped in the gutters when the temperature gets below freezing the water trapped in the gutters will freeze. If the trapped water freezes it becomes a heavy burden on the gutters. This extra weigh will cause the gutters to collapse and damage the gutters as well as the fascia of the building. Ice weighs more than snow. So it is important to keep the water from being trapped in the gutters and becoming frozen.

Gutters are also a great source of protection against soil erosion. The water coming of the end of a roof can be very heavy. If you were to walk around a building that does not have gutters you will notice an extremely evident line in the soil at the end of the roof line. Without gutters this line will continually become deeper and more evident. This problem can lead to a the water collecting around you basement walls and possibly leak into your basement. Another thing to notice is the side of the building at the foot of the walls. If no gutters are present you will notice a definite staining on the walls. This staining is from the mud and clay that the runoff from the roofs will splash onto the building. Gutters will prevent the stains and soil erosion from causing problems around the building.

These are the most important reasons why you will need to clean your gutters at least every year. This is a simple DIY project but there are contractors that only install and maintain gutters. Check with your local gutter contractor.