Why Have Your Crawl Space Waterproofed

Why Have Your Crawl Space Waterproofed?

The crawl space is one place in the home that is never used until it is needed. That is why it often gets overlooked when it comes to its condition. However, by waterproofing crawl space, you may save yourself from having extensive repairs performed on this area of your home. 

The crawl space allows access to areas of the home that otherwise would go unnoticed. And it is just as susceptible to the presence of moistures just like the rest of your house. Waterproofing the ceiling, walls, and floor of the crawl space offers considerable advantages that extend beyond the area itself. 

Stronger Structural Integrity

Perhaps the best reason to waterproof the crawl space is to protect the organic materials that make up the structure of your home. The presence of moisture will rot the wood, damage drywalls, and even oxidize the metal which in turn weakens the integrity of your house. It can even create a more suitable environment for pests such as termites to thrive. 

Waterproofing will lower the humidity levels which in turn makes it difficult for mold to take hold. It will also make your home less appetizing to termites. 

Improves Air Quality

Roughly half of the air present in your crawl space can move up to the living areas of your home. Air that is moist and filled with mold may dampen the quality of air inside your home. For those who are sensitive to the presence of mold spores, this means more allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, and more serious conditions for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. 

By cleaning up the air inside the crawl space by waterproofing, you reduce the number of spores and other pollutants that otherwise would find its way into your living room, bedrooms, and other rooms inside the house. 

Better Control over the Temperature

If the crawl space is humid, that can affect the temperature inside your home. This means that your air conditioner or heater will run longer than it should just to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. With a waterproof crawl space, you reduce the humidity levels which in turn helps raise or lower the temperature in your home depending on the outside temperature conditions. This means that you save money on your heating or air conditioning bills. 

Other Issues

There are other concerns about a crawl space that should be addressed, especially in older houses that have not been inspected recently. 

  • Pipes & Ducts: The metal used will not oxidize as quickly. 
  • Electrical Issues: Greater chances of wiring degradation and house fires
  • Storage: Items stored in your crawl space will be better protected

You can also maintain the value of your property. Ensuring that when you do sell the condition of the crawl space will not be an issue that may lower the price of your home. 

A waterproof crawl space is not only a good idea, it may prevent the buildup of mold or mildew or the weakening of the structure. In other words, some preventative work today may save you thousands of dollars in repair bills tomorrow. So, let us at Everdry of Cincinnati waterproof your crawl space and put that worry aside.